Behind the Design: The Modern Farmhouse Kitchen of the Paul Hance Fixer-Upper

I often have people asking about the redesign of our recent fixer-uppers and where they can get some of the elements for their own renovations. This month, I am posting the inspiration, where supplies were purchased, and the cost for many of the items you’ve seen in the Paul Hance Modern Farmhouse awesome kitchen. We do so much of our redesign on a “budget,” its worth sharing!

It’s true that I find myself planted in front of a computer screen or scrolling through my smart phone for long hours at a time; it’s a part of my job, after all….and hobby. While it’s easy to say that I find loads of inspiration through visual blogs and social media websites like HOUZZ and Pinterest (which I do), the truth is that I’m most inspired by stepping away from the screen and stepping into houses, especially abandoned houses.



I do not consider myself an interior designer. I have a passion for the american dream of home ownership, meeting and working with people, and helping people live out their OWN creativity side and redesign their homes to absolutely LOVE where they live. Work hard with home at the center. I love taking broken houses and repairing, renovating, and redesigning them into fresh and timeless homes. I enjoy making old things new and seeing the potential in every project-no matter how hopeless it may seem in the beginning. By preserving and highlighting the character of each home, I like to keep things original and one of a kind. My passion, with the help of my husband and awesome contractors, is to create functional homes full of character that a Buyer can absolutely fall in love with…one home at a time.

If you remember the original post I ever put out before we purchased the home through auction, owned any rights to the house, or hired any contractors, I had visualized and researched the exact design. The house turned out pretty close to that original design plan.


The design for the kitchen was inspired specifically by these two photos. I had fallen in love with these country style designs before I even laid eyes on the Paul Hance foreclosed home. The fresh white cabinets with clean lines (my favorite cabinet color/style,) the dark color of the stone countertops, the open rustic reclaimed wood shelving with iron brackets, the industrial style pendant lighting, free standing kitchen island. I loved all of it. It was exciting to carry this design out in the Paul Hance country style home.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of



1.) The first detail my husband and I purchased was the freestanding kitchen island. We searched online for hours one night after we put the kids to bed for the ideal country butcher block island. We found this FRESNO Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top from for $925 from

2.) Over several weeks, I came up with a plan and pieced together the industrial country style pendant lighting from The chandelier was one of my favorite items I purchased online at

4740 Paul Hance Rd island

3.) That following weekend, my husband and I we went to a home salvage auction in Baltimore at Southern Sales and purchased the “Pantry” Door (for only $80!)  I fell in love with this door months prior and was excited to finally purchase and use it for this home design. I noticed a couple prominent home builders in the area recently started using these…a great design that adds character! 4.) We also picked up the white farm house sink from Southern Sales. That was an expensive purchase of $600 but totally worth it for the look and character. 5.) The white subway tile was picked up from this store, a few weeks later at $3.95/sq ft.

4740 Paul Hance Rd Huntingtown-MLS_Size-022-37-Kitchen-2048x1536-72dpi

6.) WOLFE kitchen cabinets have always been our favorite for our fixer-uppers. They have been our most affordable and nicest quality cabinet designers. The clean lines of the YORK cabinet was perfect for what we had in mind. We had used these same cabinets in our first fixer-upper in North Beach and were very pleased. They turned out beautiful.

7.) I absolutely loved the subtle, dull granite shown in the inspiration photo and, thankfully, our project manager for this project, knew the term to order those exact counter tops…”honed black granite.” She had a fantastic choice of kitchen hardware, as well.

8.) Our monthly Friday trip for my husband and I to Community Forklift in Hyattsville awarded us the gorgeous reclaimed wood for the open shelving ($40!) 9.) I found the vintage hardware on ebay (expensive at $45 for each bracket pair…but worth the look.) 10.) The sliding barn door was also purchased at the same time from Community Forklift, for $200. This was, at one time, a part of an estate in Pennsylvania…an old historic farm house. This is a fabulous way to add character!

4740 Paul Hance Rd Huntingtown-MLS_Size-025-45-Kitchen-2048x1536-72dpi


4740 Paul Hance Rd Huntingtown-MLS_Size-029-52-Dining Room-2048x1536-72dpi

11.) My husband, Rich, ordered the gorgeous hardwood flooring from Antique Hazel Bamboo Flooring for $2.79/per sq ft. Bamboo flooring is our favorite hardwood flooring style for color, affordability, and durability.

My passion, with the help of my husband and awesome contractors, is to create functional homes full of character that a Buyer can absolutely fall in love with. And, to encourage and inspire others to do the same with their home…to LIVE or SELL.


– Jessica

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