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Industrial Style Ideas for Any Home

Amber Way Ceiling

Modern, raw, and super stylish, the industrial look is totally in.

Whether your home is traditional and tailored or sleek and minimalist, you can integrate elements of industrial style into any design to create a look that is all you. Here are some of my favorite ways to work the Industrial style craze into your own space. Design ideas to live or sell…


Curated Accents

This look is really all about finding the beauty in everyday things, from salvaged signage to wooden crates, and turning them on their head to create an eclectic but simple staple piece. Here’s a do-it-yourself project I found on pinterest that cost a total of $350 and added a vintage rustic industrial accent above the island in our Amber Way project.  The 12×12 vintage metal ceiling tiles were purchased on ebay for $15-40 each. A simple piece of painted wood trim finished the project off.


Amber Way Ceiling


Amber Way Ceiling 2



Functional furnishings

Industrial style is hardworking and durable, making it ideal for furnishings that are in high-traffic & high-use areas like the kitchen and living room. Here I found a masculine mix of metal and wood coffee table on wheels ( or, on sale for $202.99)


Photo Courtesy of


No-frills flooring

A hallmark of industrial style is its under-the-radar aesthetic, and surfaces can really accentuate this look. If you’re looking for flooring that will take your space from boring to beautiful, consider going with concrete. Rich and I used this look in the basement of our own personal home. It was budget friendly and extremely durable. There are many unique colors to choose from. Tim McKenna at In The Mix Concrete in St Marys County (301) 904-1359 helped us achieve the look we were going for.



Photo courtesy of Connie Hogarth

Photo courtesy of Connie Hogarth


Photo courtesy of architecture admirers

Photo courtesy of architecture admirers


Industrial lighting can reflect rustic, factory era elements. My favorite include weathered and open cage style, exposing the unique bulb. Here, in our own personal home, Rich added vintage lighting to the ceiling in the kitchen, coupled with a salvaged solid wood door from a school house in DC and wood beams. Find Inspiration Everywhere…


Amber Industrial 4


Persimmon Industrial

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